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You Need a SD Card When Play 2K18

[Sep 04 2017 GMT]

That Nintendo Switch's memory space is too small short board has been exposed early. NBA 2K18 announced the Switch version of the information, a clear description of the game needs a Micro SD card expansion can run.

Nintendo has long known that the NBA 2K18 game on the memory capacity of a considerable demand, they are working with the memory manufacturer SanDisk to reach cooperation, will launch a joint version of the SD card, plans to launch two 64GB and 128GB SD card, However, Switch supports up to 2TB SD card.

At present we do not know how the game on the use of memory space is how the machine is full of memory in the case of SD card expansion or whether the machine memory is not full, need SD card support. Nintendo has instructions that even if the player does not insert the SD card, but also to ensure that some of the game function is normal use. It seems to want a complete experience NBA 2K18, must be a SD card.

This is still most of the Switch players were surprised, after all, before we only think that Switch download more electronic version of the game will encounter the problem of memory tight. To know the PS4 and Xbox One memory is 500GB start, and Switch only provides 32G capacity, although he is a mobile handheld. But when people find the platform the most heavy game, just a game to take up more than half of the memory capacity, it would feel some pit.

Although most of the current Switch games are not large, but after more and more 3A games such as NBA 2K, etc., these games will take up a lot of memory space, it seems that in addition to buy physical cassette, Switch loyal players You have to prepare a large enough SD card.

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