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You Do Not Know Kobe Secret Story

[May 15 2017 GMT]

Kobe Bryant has been retired, but as one of the most talented players in NBA history, you should know Bryant' s secret story.

1)No ball can training
O' Neill once said that Bryant can also training without the ball, he practice empty cut, constantly shouting, as if in the cut shot.

2)Bryant retired, Wade gave Bryant a video member annual fee account
Bryant retired, Paul, Anthony, Wade and others opened a line party for Kobe Bryant, and gave Bryant some gifts, Anthony sent a bottle of red wine in 1996, and Wade gave Bryant a net fly video member annual fee account number.

3)The only history for 15 consecutive years All-Star
15 consecutive selected All-Star, Bryant can be described as the darling of the NBA, but also the darling of the fans.Of course, he was 18 times the All-Star record is hard to break.

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