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Yi Jianlian to return to NBA to start again

[Sep 29 2016 GMT]

NBA the Lakers held the season before the media day, for the new season, the Arab League said it was ready to play four or five position. The NBA team's media day, the equivalent of the team in the new season of the ceremony. The players will take this opportunity to send the appropriate to all kinds of media with the heroic utterance, the demand to the fans and the media to leave a good impression, even have to answer some sensitive problems, gossip.

4 years after the NBA appeared again Chinese players, to return to the NBA is a kind of experience, the Chinese men's basketball team at the core of what players can do in NBA. The Lakers training camp in the list of 20 people, one of the last places left in 2012 5, show Thomas Robinson, this is the Lakers' 20 man lineup in the ninth inside, Yi Jianlian's rivals have been as many as 8 people, if cishiping also guest big striker, Yi Jianlian competition on the one hand even. In other words, almost half of the players will be a semi detachment of the Arab League's competitors.

The Lakers led by Walton, the previous information shows that Walton could create a similar warrior offense. So a good pass, shoot the three ball four players, Walton must be needed. In the Lakers inside the player, the Arab League, although not the most will pass, but his ability to project the middle of the distance is the strongest, especially in three points. Therefore, this feature may become his biggest weapon to win the position.

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