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Win by penalty and free kick

[Feb 14 2017 GMT]

Rome midfielder Nainggolan has said he is a big fan of Juventus and that has assured the Rome fans that the team will win at least one of the Serie A and Italy Cup matches this season.

Juventus have achieved in the past five seasons in the Serie A five feat, but in the last two seasons, they also won the Italy cup. At present, the Rome team is 7 points away from the leader juventus. And midfielder Nainggolan said that if the team can not win in the league, then they will at least win the championship in the cup.

"I've always been against juventus." In an interview video, Nainggolan said. "I hate Juve, when I was in Cagliari, I beat Juventus with my goals. In Turin games, we can often tie with juventus."

"I hate them so much because they often win on penalties and free kicks. I came to Rome in order to Buy FIFA 17 Coins win some honors against Juve, if we can not win the league, then in the Italy cup, we will certainly win the championship. I promise to the fans, and the Italy Cup semi final two leg of Lazio, we will win."