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Will the Journey Appear in FIFA 18

[Jul 24 2017 GMT]

Will the journey appear in FIFA18? The answer is Yes. FIFA18 contains this pattern. After the success of the first show, "The Journey" will return to FIFA18, along with the return of The Journey's lead Alex Hunter. EA released the first trailer for the second edition of the game on June 10. It was star-studded. The stars, players, coaches and experts were guessing the future of Hunter.

 It can be seen from the contents of the trailer, before the start of the second season, we can decide whether Hunter should transfer, you can also see that he and Cristiano Ronaldo have a meeting.

In FIFA17, you can only play Hunter in the Premiership club, but it seems that this situation will change this year - everyone can look at the complete guide of "The Journey", in order to better understand the upcoming content.

EA has previously confirmed that the new role and storyline will appear in FIFA18 "The Journey", but according to FIFA17 story, Hunter is most likely to return as a protagonist, because Hunter's story ended quite suddenly at the end of the first quarter.

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