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Wild novice may not know the tricks

[Aug 21 2015 GMT]

Mount can be used to buy prestige grocery store in the town of Phoenix, many horse species, mainly to see what kind of shape you like, since the beginning of the increase of the same attributes. Apprentice: apprentice 8 in Xiangyang Xiangyang need to enter the NPC at the inn apprentice prestige can buy. Guards: that is the equivalent of a category of bodyguards.

Every time an hour later, there are 15 of 25 of the 35 needed to buy prestige. Three occupations have, task force assistant singles players and siege, and later in the town of Phoenix NPC guards at the inn.

Novice equipment: five of the system has presented, at 15 grocery Xiangyang fine suits on sale 20 rare suit, also in Xiangyang grocery store sale. These are suitable for novice to use, plus a grocery store as well as 25 beta Xiangyang epic arms sales, beta do not know will not be changed.

Besides some tips pray: pray every day for free several times, this is to be done every day, because you can add attributes to pray, pray more, the higher the value added property, as long as you value high, it is possible won the first award, the first award as well as a gold horse and prestige.

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