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Wild closed beta a new chapter Big Secret

[Aug 11 2015 GMT]

Wild online beta soon re opened, the journey to take you into the most realistic arena. Scores of rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes friendship. People with rivers and lakes that can not be separated tie him who said clearly.

Niece newly Runescape opened East China Sea islands map. After the Central Plains martial arts of anybody's game, after a bloody vendetta rivers and lakes. Shaoxia for entering the arena is not will feel physically and mentally tired.

Click here they can from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, caught up in the mind wading through the desert. Taoyuan enjoy painting environment like wonderland. Clear vast sky, to prove safety Aozora wine and song. There are hidden in the rivers and lakes of unrivaled hero. From the earth of the great master. There are duck bow Condor Heroes. The mystery of the new RS Gold will be opened to you personally knight. New chapter "Wild World online" knight of welcome you personally to experience.