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Wild World Online reviews the first edition

[Aug 13 2015 GMT]

Yesterday received an invitation, Wild World Online to go their internal servers walked around, wap1.2 and easily switch between the user model 2.0 has done a very good adaptation, feeling very smooth upgrade, the story is very NPC dialogue between rich very coherent, very well done teaching novices. Equipping more features, the effect is very nice equipment. distributed more clear picture very pretty scene, in order to save traffic to image all made the switch. Tasks link I personally satisfied, I usually lazy, all tasks have Buy RS Gold transferred the basic need to run the map waste flow. Design attributes point I began to doubt, why the equipment is external work property.

Highlight 2: Balance sexual feeling well done, planning to send me a few skills book, I feel very unique skills. Highlights 3: The gang design is very comprehensive, appointments, personnel permission to do very fine, but also to enhance the property Bangzhong gang upgrade, it can be well controlled gang Bangzhong advanced status to lapse and promotion.