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Wild World Medical cents strong counterattack force

[Aug 25 2015 GMT]

According to incomplete statistics, in the "shadows" in the proportion of Wu Sheng, medical cents, three professional thief 13: 8:10, in which the minimum number of medical cents. Medical cents is what this profession is not fun, not to force skills, PK is not strong, so strong presence medical cent even said he did not force.

Medical cents born in the loss of life in troubled times, always accompanied by flames everywhere, it appears on the devastated vast land to medicine Puji beings. Faced with suffering beings, doctors often cut heart Shares cents, the highest level healer, not cure disease but to RS 2007 Gold revive a country, veering to save sentient beings. They are Xuanhujishi Essayist, they are on the battlefield last hope, the last of salvation lives.

Medical cents plus points physique mainly survive on the battlefield response capacity through skills and ability to fight back to make it. Carrying apprentice often choose shield soldiers, majoring counterattack with DEBUFF eliminate skills. By counterattacks spend high output role in PK field life, it is the bane of high-output role. Counter 500, passive whole body heightening skills, active skills: Hua camel surgery 20 defense occult, increased armor, counter rising anti-reflection restraint Thief skills plague spread.