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Wild OL recharge polite weekend

[Sep 09 2015 GMT]

The Sopranos tied to the "human, companion, wealth, land" to become a qualified Foolish, how can cash-strapped, but walk the lakes ingot essential items, gold is always enough to spend, and if additional multi-fetched that this is a wonderful thing.

Heroes during the event as long as more than 10 yuan recharge can get additional rewards. Each player can only get rewarded once a day. More than 50 yuan recharge RS 3 Gold during the event players can get 25% of the ingot rebates, more than sufficient to much, and do not miss. Rewards will be issued after the event.

During the event, the cumulative recharge more than 1000 yuan players can also get seven comic gem bags 1,60 arms atlas box 1, rare pieces 1, want spending some weekends frankly, that take a look at the weekend's activities.