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Wild OL Wu Sheng Strikes Back Comments

[Aug 27 2015 GMT]

In the era of rampant counter milk, sucking more and more by the majority of the flow Wu Sheng Wu Sheng players of all ages, to counter milk refers to the route of medical cents go counter to counter milk mainly through learning skills and wear high defensive equipment to enhance their chances of survival, with high output apprentice with its own response skills in battle slowly consumed opponent's life. For such a high damage Wu Sheng anemia occupation counterattack nature is a good choice.

Today to recommend what to Buy Cheap RuneScape Gold Online configure vampire stream Wu Sheng: First explain next skills to select, active loyalty Gunslinger technology of choice, alone Dragonlance, seven-step marksmanship, demons disintegrated. The first three with the level of increase can provide a cast probability skill bonus, thereby greatly enhancing the Wu Sheng output capacity, lay the foundation for the back of the vampire, protracted war in the God of endurance stronger.

The demons disintegration can be applied in a single P in DE-BUFF state enemies can also increase very considerable advantage. For round games closure spells without a doubt is tantamount to fly a kite. The passive skills recommended choice of sabotage, defense, hematophagous gain skills. Wreck can be a good defense against high cows caused most real harm, but the face of weak nurse back injury I chose defensive skills.