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Wild How to become the country battle master

[Aug 19 2015 GMT]

I believe we are very familiar with the country's war, not for anything else, just for rewards, incentives and increase country since punch, because friends and add countries, due to strong and want to add countries to facilitate the tracing task due plus countries. A person does not stand alone as a beautiful scenery, really to add countries, a person is really limited power plus countries, want to add more countries will benefit, is a family, since it is the family, we should unite.

When war began in the country, it is the troop movements, recruit! Of course the best option soldiers re-election 10. All players must listen to the command, use the command that you do not mess, inside and outside the ten heavy, inside and out, to be led. Why inside and out, where saving time, but also to combat increased to the limit.

When all the players are ready, with 10 more countries re-affirmed advantage, full strength, but also advantages in sufficient numbers, when the attack showed their prevention should be to replace the strongest moments. More soldiers benefits: country during the war, soldiers wear particularly severe, and horses also need time to cool down. When you put so soldiers attracted by prolonged combat soldiers simply not enough.

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