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Why Americans Love Madden NFL

[Oct 26 2015 GMT]

According to, there was a guy who fouled by holding the ball ran to the other's goal in a football game in the 1820s. People all did not expect that this occasional "ball forward" movement has won some people's favor, and then it was introduced into competition. 20 years later, the first written rules of this kind of football play came out.

So football was divided into two factions, one allowed players play with hands while the other prohibited. Both regarded each other as heretics. Later they simply parted ways, namely rugby and modern football. In the development process of rugby, it has been condemned and suppressed for many times because of its rough and violence.

Under strong social pressure, in 1906 the two main rugby organizations developed several safer rules through consultation. And these rules also made American football separate with rugby completely. But even so, there are still a high incidence of concussions during rugby players today. Do you know any interesting things about why the Amercians like to play the Madden NFL? Welcome to share with us and buy Cheap NFL coins at our site