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Why Aion Was Less Famous Now

[Oct 19 2017 GMT]

Aion in early period is quite successful. Although there is OBS behavior, after all, a few people did it. It will not affect all the users' experience. The efficiency of this scam is relatively low.

As for the professional balance, this should not be too demanding. After all, a new generation is much better, which is almost a common problem to online games. AION's eight careers are in a good job. In the PVE, they play roles well. A copy gameplay is different on careers. In particular, after adding a higher imprint, each career will have two routines that can be selected, which naturally increased more uncertainty.

mmocart played sword star, took the double long and short flow, this set of single point output is relatively high. If you walk hands flow, it will be a lot more AOE, the effect is not the same. Illegal plug-ins are the most critical issues that destroy a game. Plug-in caused at least two consequences: 1. Ordinary players and plug-in players PVP has completely lost suspense. Ordinary players in the PVP can not get satisfaction and PvP reward. 2. Ordinary players and RMB players will have widening gap in the accumulation of equipment.

Plug-in is not used to PVP, earn money, material, collection, life skills. Although in all online games, there are RMB players, players with the advantages of RMB can ignore the gap between operation and consciousness. Then a game is more difficult.

Aion's gameplay is not bad. As for the latter part quest difficulty was reduced. On one hand it is to help novice players quickly know the game; on the other hand it is to speed up the pace of early.

Once a buddy asked mmocart if the game stopped serving, where we would like to place the role. mmocart does not know. Maybe it is the prairie prairie, the coast of Bertrun, the sandy sand in Elt, the deep jungle of Intel island, the tranquility of the bliss of the world, the flames of the great bloom, Siwen's lofty lofty, Kamar's murderous undercurrent, Tima Lantau's tragic unyielding ... ... those are the places where we mmocart have fought. Each place has a story, each copy has a legend.

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