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Why 2K Basketball Series of Games to be Updated Every Year

[May 27 2017 GMT]

2K game produced each year, and the gap between each very small, why is this? What does the game company consider to make such a decision?

The first point, the choice of a continuation of the reasons for the first year is that professional sports are almost always a year as a season. After a season, the players will flow, and may even change the rules. And many of the classic series of sports games are in the first era of the development of the Internet for the first time, that time did not receive cards or recharge the money this mechanism to sell the game copy is the only way to make money, so no matter from the sports simulation, or the game company' s revenue, the annual one is very reasonable.

The second point, the sporting game is evolving, the evolutionary point is definitely not just the picture. In addition to the screen more and more meticulous, more progress is reflected in: tactical system, tactical selection interface, referee, court, player emotional action, computer opponent/ teammate AI, custom player/ team, new game mode ( star model, history team, reversal time), online confrontation and so on.

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