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Who will win the Real Madrid football suspense

[Jan 06 2017 GMT]

Real Madrid officials announced Zidane as manager; in January 4, 2017, the king's cup 1/8 final first leg victory over Seville 3-0 real madrid. For 1 years, Zidane's Real Madrid has made incredible achievements. UEFA Champions League, the European Super Cup, the world cup 3 in the hands of the crown, the tournament unbeaten in the field of Buy FIFA 17 Coins the game is still going on, the past 1 years, only lost two balls! In 2017 first football puzzle: who can break the real streak?

La Liga 11 Harding Park, Zidane in command of the Real Madrid unbeaten 8 wins and 3 27 points to lead the standings alone, the biggest rivals Barcelona only after struggling in the back. The first full season to coach Real Madrid, Qi Zuzheng created his own era.

When Zidane replaced Benitez at the helm of the galaxy, few thought he would be so successful. After all, from the qualifications, you never coached the team, just as Mourinho, Ancelotti's assistant, in charge of mediocre performance castilla. In 1 years, Zidane surrendered answer is really amazing: 54 games, 42 wins, 10 draws and 2 defeats, scoring 158 goals, lost 52 ball, more intuitive, Qi type Real Madrid "average score is averaged 3-1.

As rookie coach, within 1 years to get the championship trophy than losing more, it must be said to be a miracle. Along the way, Zidane broke the record, but also the destruction of Fifa Coins other people's records. For example, the 2015-16 season of the national Derby 2-1 reversal of Barcelona, Real Madrid Barcelona break in 39 consecutive games unbeaten; the Champions League final in a penalty shootout victory over Atletico win, to become one of the most tragic sheets Legion runner up. The European Super Cup final buzzer to tie the regular time, overtime Juesha won the Club World Cup after extra time to fight to win, all the thrills.