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Who Is Clint Oldenburg in NFL 18

[Oct 10 2017 GMT]

Clint Oldenburg, I dare say, an unknown name to most of Madden 18 gamers. He played the offensive tackle in Redskins seven years ago. Although he was a member of Redskins team, you even could not find his face in any match. A strange thing wasn’t it! In fact, Clint Oldenburg was the one, who worked behind the whole team. He contributed more than his teammates.

After ending his service at Redskins team, Oldenburg changed his role as a player; he worked for EA Sports, and made some great achievement. In the early days at EA Sports, he played as referee at the company’s NCAA game. Now, he is in charge of Madden franchise. It’s really a successful transition from a player to administrator. His philosophy to the game is making it more funny and realistic, and he has done it, we could see from the continuous popularity of Madden game. He planned to feature Orlando Sentinel in Madden 18. In his former interview, he said his own thought about how to replace game to game.

“I didn't know how to position myself until I knew Electronic Arts”, said Oldenburg. “Every time I missed a training opportunity, I would blame myself deeply. And now, people think I’m a game player, but, in fact, I’m the one who research the game”. Although Oldenburg has just competed at two NFL matches in NFL, he was still with the team in New York Jets in 2007. In fact, when he was planning to work for EA Sports, Canadian Football League were invited him to join them. An invitation from a famous League must be a dream of all players, but Oldenburg just sticks to his own idea. For him, nothing changes except different game specialty. In addition, he met his wife in this company. 

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