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Who Got A 99 Overall Rating in Madden 18

[Sep 25 2017 GMT]

Madden elites have always stood out from crowd annually; the Madden 18 elites list has come out, with no exception. Here are the top 3 players, who are acknowledged among the best and got the highest scores in the game.


1. Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is famous for his specific ability which is considered funny, except for a perfect 99 overall rating, he also achieves extraordinary results, including a 97 Finesse Move score of 97, a 91 Power Move score, a 95 Block declining score, He sets a high standard for himself and spares no efforts to make his career perfect.     

Here are his base stats:

92 AWR

87 SPD

89 ACC

89 AGI

84 STR


2. There is no one but Los Angeles Rams is more suitable for the position – ranks just behind Von Miller with an ideal 99 overall rating, both of them are the a competitive rival for opposing QBs, Since they can change or block the offensive lines on the basis of their own preferences, so no one can follow their play technique. He is among the 5 fastest DE players, besides, 91 Block Shedding and a 96 Power Transfer rating show he's just throwing dudes around at the line of scrimmage. No one disagrees with his performance, Dude is definite strongest in Madden 18.

Look at that 90 Acceleration rating and 94 Strength. Dude's a beast.

90 AWR

83 SPD

90 ACC

82 AGI

94 STR


3. Brady is now 40-years-old, coming from his second-best statistical period in his career, and he's got a perfect rating. Can you expect anything less than that for your Madden 18 cover celebrity? Everyone's waiting for the inevitable fall of Tom Brady, but for now, he's the finest in the game. His 99 entire comes from a huge collection of skills leading Brady to have excellent accuracy for the brief pass and the deep ball, together with his only downside being his mediocre physical stats, which you can view below. That 99 Awareness though.


99 AWR

62 SPD

66 ACC

67 AGI

64 STR


The only downside about Brady is his era, and that's what makes Donald such a must-have if you are starting a brand new Franchise. Donald is only 26 years old. Miller is 28, so he is enticing as well, but obtaining a 99 total to be the anchor of your shield at arguably the second most important position in the NFL would do a young franchise well. 1 thing to note -- JJ Watt is a 98 total.


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