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White Will Renew with The Patriots

[Apr 21 2017 GMT]

The Patriots agreed to renew the contract with White for three years. The contract is worth $ 12 million, including $ 4.69 million guaranteed income. More inforamtion is on where you can Buy Madden Coins.

If the quarterback Tom Brady didn't led the team to reverse in the Super Bowl, White could have become a super Bowl MVP. He finished 20 rushings in this game, made 139 yards and 3 touchdowns. White should continue to serve as a catcher in the new season, and Lewis and Birkhead share the task of rushing according to their ability.

White not only has one kind of ability, he is the player who has great progress in the league last season. He replaced Dion Lewis become the most secure pass in the case of Brady's choice. He complete 60 times of catching, made 551 yards and 5 touchdowns.