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Which Engine Will be Used in Fifa 18

[May 25 2017 GMT]

Over the past few years, Fifa used ignite engine. Ignite engine with good physical, AI, facial capture effect is known, coupled with a large number of players to capture the accumulation of data, it can be said more and more mature.

Frostbite Engine was be used in Fifa 17. Compared to the old engine, Frostbite Engine in the face of the player' s performance is clearly higher. The player' s face will become more soft and not stiff before the plastic. Players  will be more intelligent than before in the field of mobile performance. Physical confrontation effect is also closer to the real. In general, is the real sense of the relative has made a huge upgrade, the screen will be more cool and nice.

So what kind of engine will be used in Fifa 18? Let' s wait and see. If you want to learn more information about Fifa 18 Coins. Glad to see you come to our website