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Whether the Score is Proportional to the Ability Value

[May 24 2017 GMT]

Basketball of the gods, Lamb, how can the value of 76 to become the Thunder boss? Ability to score the highest team averaged only sixteen points? Free man in the Blazers play 5 minutes per game , why can only get 0.2 points?

Because of the tendency value. If the various nba 2k version of the system difference is not too large, then the above answer should be ignored a little bit, the ability value is to use with the tendency value. Lamb is powerful because of his good three points in the case of the tendency to shoot too high, pickles are not high points because  play the dynasty to take him when 3d , he does not tend to own ball attack, the pioneer of the Freeman not good atthree points but tend to stand three points away from the space.

So, the tendency did not burst out of the case, actually it is hard to say the value who is more unreasonable than anyone else. More information is on where you can Buy NBA 2K18 MT.