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Where are the 81 of Kobe Witnesses

[Jan 23 2017 GMT]

11 years ago today, Kobe on the Toronto Raptors 46 throw in 28 scored 81 points, a record of the history of the NBA scoring record of second.

Now Kobe has retired, Time passed by and life changed., and then in 19 Kobe stadium to witness the creation history of players and 10 coaches already went on a different journey, a lot of people retired, many people also have all but vanished. But this extraordinary memory will always be with them.

Sam Mitchell: at that time the Raptors coach, now unemployed, last season was fired as the Timberwolves coach. He was defensive tactics against Kobe has always been conservative irony, he has more than once explained, "we are still ahead of the fourth quarter", "we really wrapped him", "he averaged 35 points, of course, can score".

Chris Bosh: at that time the Raptors starting today because of thrombus problems away from the game, whether medical retired remains unknown. At the end of the day, he said: "we tried to play with three or four men, but he didn't behave like a defender."

Jielun Ross: at the time of starting today become a basketball commentator Toronto, and media. "Who else can Kobe pass? Smush Parke......" "But it's not Luke - Walton scored 20 points on my head, if this is the case, I was shameful." Welcome to discuss it and Buy NBA 2K17 MT on our website