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When Green Bay Packers Meets Denver Broncos

[Oct 29 2015 GMT]

The game between Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos will take place on Nov 1, 2015. When both strong teams meet, who will be the winner? The two teams have achieved good grades in the previous games. They both have good advantages.

But think Denver Broncos may win the game at last. Because Green Bay Packers players are not in a good state. Some players got injured, some have legal troubles and some players don't have good performances. What's more, young players don't have enough experiences. As a result, Green Bay Packers' strength is weakened.

Denver Broncos is quite different, the team is in good condition. They are in good order and have strong defense strength and excellent players. Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos both use 3-4 defense, but Broncos' formation is more flexible and changeable than Packers. These factors make the team stand out in the league. In the following days, we can witness this wonderful game. Stay tuned on our site, cheap NFL coins can be found here. Welcome!