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What is the Best Skill for Rogue at Celtic Heroes

[May 17 2017 GMT]

No matter what level you are currently, i believe you are finding the best skill.Today, we will talk about Rouge. More information is on where you can Buy Celtic Heroes Gold.


Above all, you should grasp grouping skills. These skills would help pure damage skills, survival skills, utility skills, such as quick strike, bandage wounds, expose weakness and so on. Simple list starting from highest priority to lowest would make it simpler to the most players. If your level is high enough, you can hunt for the best skills to focus on. In fact, it depends on you fight in team or solo. If you are in team, then use dex, support or str. If you are solo, then use dex or solo build.


All in all, it depends on your team. An ideal team need Warrior tank, therapist Druid and Rogue.You should have ss, sneaky, quickstrike and assasint in this team. Hope you have a good performance.