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What Is New in NFL 18

[Aug 17 2017 GMT]

Here is a good news. Madden Mobile's new season is launch! When you log in Madden Mobile on August 15, 2017, there will be a new experience waiting for you. Like the NFL, the offseason program has ended and the list has been reset.

Madden Mobile's new season gives you the opportunity to be the greatest new feature of all time to help you bring your team to glory. What's new in Madden NFL Mobile 18?  This season in the Madden NFL Mobile in a large number of new products, including the new stadium, new uniforms and better graphics. But this is just a beginner. The new season, it will have to be 5 Super Bowl champion and Madden Cover athlete Tom Brady.

Dressing room items will change the way you play games on the floor and off the floor. These new projects can be upgraded to provide important game changes for your franchise. From the coach to the splint, you will have multiple upgrades. Training your players will be the key to the success of Madden Mobile this season.

In Madden NFL Mobile 18, it might not require blood and sweat, but training your players is one of the most important ways to grow your team into the best on the field.

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