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What Happened to Gronkowski in His Long Career

[Oct 14 2017 GMT]

Recently, we all know Rob Gronkowski suffer thigh injury and many people worried a lot him. But in fact, this little injury is insignificant to him, since he had suffered enough those years. Let us review what happened to him in his long career.


2008 - He suffered Cervical Throat Mononucleosis
In college, Gronk was diagnosed with throat mononucleosis and was forced to miss the next 3 games.


2009 - He suffered Back Vertebral Disc Hernia
During Gronk's college years, he suffered a bad back injury and was forced to sit out for 13 games that season.


2011 – He sprained an ankle
He exited the AFC Championship win over the Ravens. Returned to play in Super Bowl XLVI but was clearly hampered by the injury.


2012 - He suffered Arm Forearm Fracture
Gronk sustained a fractured forearm against the Colts and was sidelined the following 5 games.


2013 - He suffered Back Vertebral Fracture
In May, Gronk fractured some vertebrae in his back forcing him to miss 6 games and  was required to have surgery to repair it.


2015 - He suffered Knee Strain Grade 1
Gronk was hit hard on his right knee by Broncos Safety Darian Stewart and had to be carted off the field. Although it was the same knee that he tore his ACL on, it was not a serious injury and Gronk was back after missing one game.


2016 - He suffered thigh Hamstring Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1
Gronk pulled up lame in preseason practice and was been limited for more than 2 weeks.


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