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What Does Trade of Jimmy Gallopolo Mean

[Nov 01 2017 GMT]

Bill Bilicche never avoided matters of transfer as long as the right chip can be given. Just yesterday, he proved this with a staggering deal. Jimmy GarroPolo, Patriot's self-selected quarterback was traded to the San Francisco 49ers, in exchange for the 18-year draft of the second round sign.

At the same time, 49ers announced breaking off an engagement with Brian Hoyer signed before the season. Why is this time? Last year, Brady returned after suspension. Transfer rumors have been haunting to Jimmy Gallopolo with two outstanding performance. But this year almost there is no mews.
The deal for 49ers means:
Has not get a victory, 49ers's quarterback took responsibility. The first starting this season is Brian Hoyer, he averaged 207 yards per pass, six games came with a total of four touchdowns, 4 was steals. Then CJ-Bessard replaced him. His performance is not as good as Hoyer, two games only came out two touchdowns, 3 times was steals. Looked at the performance of Gallopolo, 49ers should believe Garropolo is stronger than the two guys. Kyle Shana Han also admitted that he coveted Garropolo quite some time.

The deal to the patriot means:
Last season, Garroolo off the bench, played before the injury dazzling performance, but later was pressed on the bench. In addition to injury, the main reason is: his front is the best quarterback in history, Tom - Brady. As early as the start of the season, the Patriots put the third quarterback Jacob - Bristol deal to Indianapolis pony, and now Bristol has become Lark is not the pony's main quarterback.

After the deal Gallo Polo, the Patriots had no substitute for a quarterback. It is necessary to find a substitute for Brady, and Hoyer, who has just been laid off, is a potential choice.

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