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What Does Pro Clubs Look Like in FIFA 18

[Oct 09 2017 GMT]

Pro Clubs is always a most welcome mode for FIFA 18 players; they could design a unique club based on their own thoughts, or join a club and become one of the permanent member of it. Compared with the previous version of FIFA game, FIFA 18 has made many new changes, especially on the Pro Clubs, let us see what does the new updates look like?


First, some new additions have been included into the game hall, which made the hall a total new face. Among them, reducing the waiting time is one of the biggest progresses in the Pro Clubs. Besides, the game interface is more streamlined. User-friendly and efficient are also upgraded in FIFA 18. Thus, the first thing you need to do before starting the game is to assign various of players, including corner kicks, free kicks, and penalties. Then change the game play from one style to another one in order to skip some boring steps.


Second, it’s available for you to create as many as play styles for your Pro Clubs. Unlike the previous play styles, you could design distinctive styles for each position but not more than three. This new update gives players more initiative; they could play their best in the game.


Third, the skill tree gives you more options for you to level up your players. Although they could gain experience by completing various task in the game, climbing skill tree is also a good method. The more skill points they get, the more experience points they will gain. Thus, the upgrade of skill tree offers a different place for player to grow.


Third, another 12 different new kits colors has been added to Pro Clubs, which made it more splendid, players will have more choices. Besides, the existing kits have also been updated greatly. Thus, players could challenge themselves from the old version to the new version.


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