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Weekly BTS Video Change why

[Jan 17 2017 GMT]

As we move towards the expansion, there will be more patch weeks, higher quality of life improvements - this update does not necessarily lend itself to a video preview.

What's more, we have heard your feedback and promised to Runescape Gold hold more information back. When we publish headlines, such as the evil Dave Quest and the broken world - we want to surprise you more, and bring back the joy of discovery and discovery. It's an opportunity for us to be more selective about what we're showing you, and when to allow our updates to shine the brightest point when they're released.

And what is it?

The first thing first is "one month ahead of time" video. By focusing on monthly previews, the team will have more freedom to choose and choose them to show more flexibility in order to keep the real juicy secret, more time to make it better than before.

We will also focus more on the video content, including the early stages of your development process, such as the development of the diary, and lovely video assets, will spread the lake far.

Of course, we will still launch the traditional style, BTS video when we have wonderful things, we can not wait to see you Look forward to the next few weeks in cool video!