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Washington Redskins Sign with Jordan Reed

[May 06 2016 GMT]

Jordan Reed has brisk performance in 2015 season, and the Washington Redskins decides to complete a five-year contract, with the value of $50 million, with Reed, according to the latest news from a professional NFL Coins seller

Last season, Reed completed 87 receptions for 952 yards and 11 touchdowns, far more than his first two seasons' data. His frequency of receiving ball and reached array number rank the second. He has also become a team quarterback Kirk cousins' main offensive weapon point. The team uses the franchise tag to lock Cousins, now signs Reed, so that the Redskins ensures that the offense last season group are kept.

Reed is a good player, his efforts have changed the whole team. We believes that he will be better and better. Do you think so?