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Warriors Go Fishing and Curry Turned into A Chef

[May 12 2017 GMT]

The sixth game of the Rocekt and the Spurs is fighting in the Western Conference Semifinals. The Warriors players have no time to focus this game because they have been ahead of the Western Conferece finals.

Warriors' opponent will be the Spurs and the Rocket winnners in the Westtern Conferece finals. Today the Spurs and Ronkets in the first six game, arguably, this is the best opportunity to study the opponent. But the Warriors have no time to watch the players, they seem to have entered the vacation mode ahead of time.

Klay Thompson and Zaza Pachulia showed their fishing at sea photos with their friends in the socail media. Curry back home to be a good man, he was drying out for his wife Aye Sha cooking video in the social media, big show cooking, and carried out live. This time, Curry really became "Chef Curry".

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