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Von Miller Was Fined

[Dec 04 2015 GMT]

Von Miller was fined by NFL for 8,681 dollars. Why is that? According to, it turns out that it's because the Denver Broncos linebacker struck the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at the third quarter during the game against the New England Patriots.

At that time, Miller leaped over Brady who was preparing for the sack. Then the referee threw a flag to indicate a foul and gave the 15 yards penalty. Miller got the fine of 8681 dollars, but usually, similar penalties are 17,363 dollars, which made many people quite comfused and many fans angry, thinking it's not fair. In fact, during the game, Miller had some other more obvious fouls, but he didn't get any yellow flags or punishment.

After receiving the penalty decision, Miller said that would go on to appeal because they made him angry. What do you think? Is it fair to Miller or Brady? By the way, if you want to buy cheap NFL coins, please go to It is fast and safe. Welcome!