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Von Miller Praises Cam Newton

[Feb 01 2016 GMT]

The road to NFL fame is very short for Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller. Miller is selected in the 2011 draft, he quickly leaves a deep impression by his wonderful performance in the first two seasons in the Broncos.

Miller is considered one of the best linbackers in the league with fastest speed and ferocious attack. In the Super Bowl, he will face a strong competitor Cam Newton. Newton is drafeted by Carolina Panthers in 2011 NFL draft. Although Newton fails to have a good start in his career, he may receive the first MVP award in the league before Miller.

Miller speaks highly of Cam Newton. He says that in addtion to Peyton Manning, Newton is one of his favorite quarterbacks. Because Newton plays well in the match and is an important role model with good spirit. Newton can enjoy the praise now, but he must do his best in the Super Bowl for Miller will not be friendly to him in the game. More related news are on where sell Madden NFL 16 Coins.