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Vipaionkinah shares AION copy of the new strategy

[Mar 31 2016 GMT]

The difficulty of the copy is not very big, the evil spirit ruins met before the BOSS is the one unit, will certainly have some barriers for players to destroy the specified small blame to move on. No surprise after losing ground to BOSS face to guard is about to begin. Big BOSS of the main skills are dark command, chaos (fear), diablo command, silent, dark star (high), dark command, blindness, dark command, curse, different blood under the article will appear the different combination of these skills, has the certain regularity. Need to pay special attention to is dark star this ability damage can be Shared, if a single baited or dangerous.

The ruins of the evil spirit suit series metal elements monarchy, robes, leather and necklace, because it like element monarch suit appearance is the same as yesterday. The new exclusive map made its debut With new area, terra and noth pearl, together is a copy of the new start time and element monarch just staggered, element is a monarchy, three, five, the ruins of the evil spirit is two, four, six.

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