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Vernon Adams Will Go to CFL

[May 23 2016 GMT]

Before the draft, Vernon Adams thinks that he is the second best quarterback in the draft. Unfortunately, there's no team in the League who thinks like this. He fails in the draft election. Now he will go to Canada trying to extend his career.

He joined the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins trial but failed to stay at the team. Adams will join the Montreal lark, lark spent much in getting him. They traded 2017 first round draft pick sign and gained the rights to sign Adams. Although Adams thinks he is the second good quarterback, he is not surprised about his defeat. He knows everyone is talking about how he is short, so he is not surprised at all.

But travelling to CFL doesn't mean that his NFL dream is shattered. Several famous players begin their career un CFL and then gain success in NFL. For Adams, the good news is many of these players are quarterbacks. Cheer on for Adams. By the way, welcome to buy cheap and fast NFL Coins at