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Verified Users in MyCareer Mode Makes Fans Thrilled

[Oct 16 2017 GMT]

Adding “verified users” to MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18 is really a big news to all fans. It’s also the first time that 2K Sports has made such a brave attempt. The main function of “verified users” is let gamers know if they’re up against an NBA player in the game. Not only that, but NBA 2K developers will also be getting the “verified” icon under their players feet as well. it means NBA 2K employees like himself and “verified NBA guys” will have an identifying characteristic that helps you know you’re playing with the real deal.


Although It’s not clear for now who these “verified NBA guys” are, I assume these will be players, coaches and other prominent NBA officials. Will these include popular NBA reporters, parents (LaVar Ball says hi), and others? We don’t know for sure, but it’s definitely an interesting premise.


Chris Manning, a community manager for NBA 2K, announced on Friday that NBA 2K18 will now feature verified users. They won’t have a blue checkmark, but “verified users” will have a verified “2K” icon under their player’s feet. The 2K developers will be some of the verified users, but there will also be “verified NBA guys.” Will that also include NBA players, NBA coaches, NBA writers, and reporters? This would be a huge deal if you could take on your favorite NBA player in NBA 2K18 and then promptly whoop him in NBA 2K18.


It would be incredible to play against your favorite player in 2K18. It basically lets the players know whenever they’re balling with the real deal. Other than that, you can shop or just hang out and chill in the 2K18 neighborhood with your favorite NBA stars. It also opens up more opportunities for NBA players to interact with their fans on a much wider scale.


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