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Various Skills in Aion

[Sep 26 2017 GMT]

Aion skills are divided into ordinary skills, continuous skills, holy marks skills, talent skills, abyss skills 5 categories, these five categories of skills have their own trigger conditions, each have their own targeted direction, power also not exactly. Players can learn new skills in the village or in the city's professional instructors NPC. Purchase skills books, skills books can be paid to the skills instructors NPC to buy a certain fee. Skills that can not be learned are displayed in red. In the backpack window, double-click the skills book to learn skills. Show the red skill book can only be used if it reaches the corresponding level.

General Skills Ordinary skills refers to a character with and can learn the basic skills to meet the skills level requirements can be learned.

Continuous skills Continuous skills Continuous skills are composed of a few specific skills. The first step in continuous skills is the same with the ordinary skills, no conditions can be used.

Sacred skills sacred skills can also be understood as talent skills, referred to as DP skills, the difference is that race, Mozu with the family of different occupations have relatively different professional races. At the same time the introduction of the DP value of the concept, only when the DP value reaches a certain number to use, relative to the general skills in terms of power to much larger, CD time is longer. The increase in DP value is obtained by Daguai. Sacred force accumulation of three stages, in accordance with the accumulation of DP value of the characters around the light will have the effect of each stage DP skills need DP value is divided into 2000, 3000, 4000, do not consume spiritual power, the use of sacred power, can use strong Strong attack skills or can also be used for material conversion.

Holy marks skills of the skills of the needs of the character of the body equipped with the corresponding sacred stone can be used, each stone represents a skill, choose what equipment equipped with the holy stone players free choice, relative to ordinary skills, a lot of.

Abyss skills abyss skills can belong to a variety of skills in the power of the largest category, but also the most difficult to learn skills, characterized by the power of odd, CD long time, the use of limited scope.

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