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Van Gaal Admits He Fails to Please the Fans

[Jan 25 2016 GMT]

Manchester United head coach Louis van Gaal admitted that he failed to fulfil the expectations of the fans. It seems to imply that the Dutch manager is likely to leave the United this year.

Manchester United fans booed Van Gaal in the last 0-1 game against Southampton. The Dutchman said that he was disappointed with himself because he did not meet the expectations of the fans who once placed high expectations on him. Currently Manchester United rank fifth in the Premier League table and fall behind the fourth team Tottenham Hotspur with five points. Many people belive Van Gaal will leave at the end of the season and former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho could be his successor.

When asked if want to continue to coach Manchester United, Van Gaal replied that he would never answer this question, and he thought the fans had the reason to feel angry for he failed to please them. Van Gaal's contract with the United has a year and a half left, but it seems that he may end the contract in advance.

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