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UEFA Champions League 8 will be out of the Spanish Civil War

[Mar 16 2017 GMT]

Seville out of Fifa Coins the accident, making La Liga missed four teams into the Champions League quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, La Liga now accounted for three seats, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico for the last eight consecutive years to qualify for the finals in fourth. If the stability of the results of the war in Europe, the Spanish team is definitely worthy of praise. In the first three seasons, the 1/4 finals have appeared in the Spanish Civil war. If this trend continues, there will be another two La Liga teams pulled together tomorrow.

In the Champions League 1/4 final in the 13/14 season, Barcelona and Atletico were drawn together. In the first game, Ma Jing 1 1 draw with Barcelona in the Nou camp. Diego into the wave of the world, Iniesta assists the equaliser to reach the level of. In the second round of the game, Kirk shortly after the opening of the Atletico Madrid, Atletico eventually to 2 to 1 of the total score eliminated Barcelona promotion.

In the 14/15 season Champions League 1/4 finals, Atletico Madrid in madrid. In the first leg of the game, the two teams played 0 to at the Calderon stadium. In the second game, in eighty-eighth minutes right away cross, the little pea road outflank break, Real Madrid with a total score of 1 to 0 in advance.