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Two Notes Should be Concerned in Madden 18

[Sep 28 2017 GMT]

Great preparation is always indispensable for a player, who will take part in a formal competition, there are so many things need to be done, but, what are the main focuses for most of players. We have concluded one of the two notes, let’s look down.

There is a set of training designed for you a week before the game, so you can make the most of it, including skills learning, defense exercise and pass ball techniques. There is one thing that the game will do for you automatically; it chooses your upcoming opponent based on your ordinary performance in the game. Well, you can choose your competitor once again by yourself, it’s allowed. There are three players offered for you to choose any one of them, usually, the one who has the most experience in particular aspect is beloved by most players, players can learn from him and improve their own skills to a large extent. Generally speaking, new rookies or any other excellent new guy are always attracted the most attention. The experience point is also available for players to gain, even in a simulated training exercise. The more training a player participate in, the more points he will gain. With enough experience points, one can exchange it for silver or gold medal, even bigger reward.

Except for training course in the game, a scout who works for you after each season is also worth considering. His main task is to help you screen unqualified players, thus, you will minimum your loss. For example, some players in your team may have been left unused for a week or more long, the scout will find them and assess his future value, if they are useless at all to the team, you can cut your team number to half timely. Meanwhile, you will receive a draft from your scout; he lists the name of some players who have the potential to enter into next competition in the game. Thus, you can any players who seems to be promising, in your opinion. A good scout can do lots of help for you, he offers most useful advice for you, thus, you could make optimum plan for the team.

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