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Two Most Expensive Cards in FIFA 18 TOTW

[Sep 28 2017 GMT]

The first match of FIFA 18 has already gone over for a week. Now, it's the time for us to review what happened in the game. Let’s us start with the TOTW event in FIFA 18.


As one of the youngest players, Sergio Aguero started his career in his childhood, when he was only eight years old. Although he wasn't as strong as any other players, he made his debut in his 15 years of age after hard training in the game. Besides, he also stands out from the crowd and ranks top the list of best forward player. He won a cap-trick at Watford by 6:0 over his opponent; what's more, he won the title “legend” by full scores in the game. He is also so expensive that ordinary people can't afford to buy him, since he got 90 scores at shooting and running ball in FIFA 18, 90 scores represent his extraordinary performance in the game. Usually, a card marked 90 score is beyond common player's ability.


Paulo Dybala is a highly competent to all his partners; they always score more goals due to his super vision, he can intercept and pass the ball at an extraordinarily fast-moving speed. Thus, he is a real terror to his opponents, including quarterback, strikers, runner and defender. In addition, he has won the title as “MOTM” by his fans in a competition at August 3, a team with him has greatly improve then winning possibility in the game. Although he is only 23 years old, he is superior to other player in many aspects, such as running, passing, shooting, and defense. Like Sergio Aguero, his card also marked a very high price. As expensive as his card, there are still some rich players buy him because of deep admiration and likeness to him.


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