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Trumaine Johnson May Be Traded

[Mar 08 2017 GMT]

Los Angeles Rams Trumaine Johnson signed a franchise contract on Monday, but will he definitely stay in the team? More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.

Rams and Johnson can sign up at the latest by July 15, but Johnson has been able to trade. Rams do so much in order to rebuild the squad, they can get through the league one of the best angle of the Wei Wei get a lot of draft picks. Now they are considering their own options and want to see what is possible for Truman - Johnson and for the ram.

Abandoning Johnson may be the ram's response to the sudden increase in the price of the corner. They said they could pay attention to Cleveland Brown will be shot. Brown is now the defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the defensive coordinator of the ram. In the now difficult to find the best corner of the case, there may be more teams interested.