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Transformation system transformation of the item

[Feb 01 2016 GMT]

So far have three forms, personally open can maintain up to 10 minutes at a time, there are some special events become can last longer. If the Loading by moving between different map images (Zone type mobile), turning effect will disappear. Change when the picture above shows, and have a rest.

The kinds of change items

1. The specific profession privilege! Class-specific transformation

Currently open in the transformation of the most conspicuous is Ranger, Assassin special transformation - turns into a Wolf, and leopard. In addition to the change of the exterior after transformation and special effects.

2. Do the task for change items

Game objects can be gained by completing the task, which so far task only to obtain the transformation of variable appearance and no special effect.

3. In a moment!Special task transformation

In order to complete the task, Aion NPC players into a particular shape. If the task completion time to change status will be automatically lifted.

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