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Transfer Fee Record Has Always Been Broken

[Aug 10 2016 GMT]

The reason why Pogba's transferring to Manchester United is so widely concerned is largely because Manchester United is offering him an amazing amount of transfer fee, which is up to 8900 pounds (about 105 million euros), which also updates the transfer fee record in football world.

With the development of the times, the players' price is getting crazy. In this context, the transfer fee record was broken repeatedly in recent years. In 2009, C Ronaldo joined Real Madrid with up to 80 million pounds, setting a record at that time. Just after four years, Bale broke the record with £ 86 million. Now, Pogba's moving to Manchester United made the football transfer fee record once again be refreshed.

In the latest rankings of the most expensive transfers, Pogba came in first place with 89 million pounds. Higuain, who also transfered in the summer, ranked fourth in the list with up to 75.3 million pounds transfer fee. If you had the money, would you buy FIFA Coins on the site