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Training an Ordinary Player to be Top One in Madden 18

[Oct 11 2017 GMT]

Actually, Training a ordinary player to be a top one is superior than buying him directly from the market. Although many gamers know the benefit of training a player works for their team, not of them are willing to do this thing. Lots of gamers think training a player is time-consuming and complicated. In fact, it’s not what they have imagined. Today, we will share some useful experience with you.


There are so many various players for you to choose in the market. The old and the young, the ordinary and excellent, of course, the price of a player has no relation with the age. But, the more excellent a player is, the higher price it marked. Thus, which one you should choose? Well, you should buy the young and ordinary one who cost you less money. Unlike newbie, you have to put a lot of time and effort to train him, this kind of average player is easier to be trained. But, there still exists a very small possibility that a few average players doesn’t fit into your team for a long time.


XP is always a good thing to every gamer. XP can be used to exchange packs, coins, best player and other valuable stuff. Usually, if a player who win a special title because of outstanding performance in the game, he will receive the biggest XP as a reward. Usually, this special reward is designed for rookies or young players. There is a huge possibility that your trained player would win it. So, just notice whether a player of your team win award in the game or not. Usually, 50k+ xp is the most common number for an award. If you are lucky enough, more than one player of yours will get this big gift. As for the XP, you can spend it at your ease.


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