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Top Two Defensive Back Moves

[Nov 06 2017 GMT]

1. people who play games
Control: hold down A (Xbox) or X (PS) after pitching.
If your opponent catches a pass, you can still hit a solid hit and relax the ball. Don't give up the game before you whistle.

If the WR has beaten you hard, or reached the ball point earlier, try to force your way through the body. This is the best option when you play in a game, but still in the grip area. If you arrive at the right time, you can type the ball out (unless the WR has a good Catch in Traffic level, which will increase his ability to hold the ball).

2. play the ball
Control: hold down Y (Xbox) or triangle (PS) after pitching.
Make sure to open the ball eagle in the Settings menu. This allows you to hold the Catch button and allow your defender to hit the ball at the highest point.

Playing can be won by blocking. Be sure to catch and detect any potential mismatches, like a higher WR pair for shorter CB. If you arrive early, catch up! Depending on the drop and distance, you can go for it more safely, but nothing can change the tide of the game like an interception. Expect to see a lot of breakups, as well as the ball that the player is intercepted.

Hitting is one of the most important defensive skills. It puts your players on the line, and while you can't go full speed, it often puts you at your best. Go for it and increase your defense in the game.

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