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Top 5 Tips for Quickly Obtaining Fifa Coins Through Manual Operation

[Nov 21 2017 GMT]

As we all know, EA FIFA 18 has a huge number of fans worldwide, and the importance of coins in the game should not be repeated herein. Today we mmocart will share with the game fans 5 tips for quickly obtaining FIFA 18 coins through manual operation.  With these methods, you can make FIFA 18 coins easier and more quickly. Here we go.

1. About bonus of gold props

You must visit your store frequently because stores of different levels often provide the different bonus, and you should use some experience to exchange for coins bonus props without hesitation.

2. About obtaining FIFA 18 coins

Details are explained here: You need to join the second league of the UT personal season (D5 level) to win the FIFA coins and to win the champion, you only need 22 points, 10 matches, 2 semi-professional-level matches, 6 vocational-level match, and 2 world-level games. If not especially unlucky, you should have no problem in winning the 22 points, the reward 5200 FIFA coins will be given to you all at once, and you will obtain about 400 FIFA coins as a reward. At the end of this round of league match, an estimated ten thousand FIFA coins income will be gained.

3. About demotion

When you complete one league match, it will be upgraded to the level of D4. Select a random round of league match at the D4 level, and just play one game and then return to press "X" button (PC, XBOX ONE) to exit the season, so the level can be downgraded to D5 and then continue to join the second league of the level D5.

4. About players

Because there are special requirements in the league that the understanding value must reach 90, therefore, in order to save money, please go to the transfer market and purchase the player who plays different positions and belongs to the same country and in the same league. When buying players, you should pay attention to the contract period which must cover at least seven games. Bid all of them with the price of 300 FIFA coins, use them to construct a lineup and then let them participate in the league match. When the contract expired, sell them to shop with 300 coins, which enables you to play 7 games gratis.

5. About purchasing gold players

Don't be anxious. Take a look at the transfer market usually when you feel free, and buy the players as you need. After playing the game, sell them to the shop with the original price in order to save the cost of buying the contract.

OK, Well, I wish you enjoy your football journey.

The above are five tips for earning FIFA 18 coins were shared by who provides much more hot games currency.