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Top 3 Defense Tactics for Being Professional Guard in Madden 18

[Sep 25 2017 GMT]

As we all know, Defense influences the final success of the Madden 18 to a large extend. However, not all players can play defense well, so here on, we will give you top 3 most effective tips on how to make your defense strong and impenetrable.


Manually Control a Lineback All the Time

It’s not easy to use Lineback in Madden 18 for almost all players, and there is no exception for you. Especially when you want to control it manually, the situation can only get worse. Despite the great difficulties in controlling it, you must use a Lineback for manual exercises patiently; as this kind of practice way can improve you defense ability fast and effective. In addition, you can use it to block the corners, which the offense is good at, or another route, which he is really beating you at. The main advantage of using manual control is that you can block the entire optimum offense route, so that your opponent is in a desperate situation and will be easily dismissed.


Handle Drag Routes

If you are in the dominant position in the field through hard drag routes, I think there is one thing you can do, that is, you can cover yourself up and fight the drag routes. You can easily handle all drag routes while you are playing underneath, the offense from your opponent have no effect on you. Besides, you can put some hard flats on the field so that you can see the offense is totally useless by drag routes.


Base Align always

Another trick to make your defense is always base aligning. When you base align, you will disguise your defense so that it always looks the same. This is a very good trick to use and your opponent will be caught off guard. You can base align on Xbox by pressing y and then right on the left stick while on PS4, you can base align by pressing triangle and then right on the left stick.

Another trick for this is you can also use quarterback spies on the field. If you are dealing with multiple quarterbacks on the field, you can use the fastest linebacker as a QB spy to counter them. To do this, all you need to do is press A on Xbox or X on PS4 and then left on the right stick.


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