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Top 11 Methods To Get Celtic Heroes Golds In Celtik Heroes

[May 11 2017 GMT]

1. Power up your character Level, as everyone know, farm the higher level mob the more gold you obtain.

2. Gold bosses farming
   All gold bosses are 5 stars, gold bosses are semi-rare spawn mini-bosses.You can make a very good amount of gold if you time their spawns and run around farming them

3. Farming Boggans, Pirates, Smugglers
   As you know, you would loot much more celtic heroes gold by farming them.

4. Befriending people and when they quit they give you all their stuffs,To be honest, i don't like this method which means i will lost one of my friend in the game.

5. Selling the collectable items you have put in your bank. you can list them in AH and transfer gold when other player buy them.

6. Save your gold, you shuld try to keep your daily cost, make sure the gold have to be used for important factor.

7. Merching. Purchase the notable items with low price and find the proper timing to sell them. Overall, patient, time, buy low and sell high.

8. Hosting dice. Actually, i don't want to recommend this method, but it can work. if you have enough confident and lucky, you can try this way.

9. Buy chests with platinum. Buy chests and sell them. How much celtik heroes gold you can make depends how much chests sell for on your server.

10, Repaetable quest, you can make gold or items by completing the repaetable quest daily or weekly.

11, Buy celtic heroes gold from a trusted and reliable third platform with cheap price,like, this way is shortest and most directly method than other's.