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Tony Romo Will Have Surgery During Offseason

[Feb 24 2016 GMT]

The latest NFL news from that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will have surgery during offseason. Romo has postponed his surgery in order to help the team go through the crisis last season.

He returns during Thanksgiving, but gets injured again in the game against Carolina Panthers. Although he does not help the Cowboys get the chance for the playoffs, Romo wins the heart of the fans. Now it is time for Romo to perform surgery, it is said that he will have left clavicle repair surgery, and will be installed with a fixed auxiliary device to help heal his collarbone.

In fact, Romo has missed ten games in the 2010 season due to the same injuries. In this case, Dallas Cowboys are likely to sign a young quarterback this year. Tony Romo may have several seasons left. By the way, welcome to buy the cheapest NFL Coins on